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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Non scale victories

Today was a scheduled day out at Meadowhall - meeting up with Julia and Trisha.  Days like this mean that, not only do we have a chance for a good catch up , but  also have the opportunity to visit "the bright lights" and get tempted along the way!

Having lost nearly 4 stone, so far, I am feeling the cold a little more -and so decided to buy a couple of jumpers.  As ever, I went into Evans and bought a nice Jade green v neck and a stylish black jumper with embroidery on.  However, as I popped into M & S to meet up with the girls, I passed a fetching blouse - in a size lower than I would wear - dare I?  Well, 10 minutes later I had bought the blouse, and another jumper - trying them on at home they both fit - what a result!!  I guess that's what you call a Non Scale victory then!

Julia was kind enough to buy us both a bunch of flowers, whilst Trisha told us all about her travels to New Zealand - and gave me this lovely stash of New Zealand fabric - mmmmmmmmmmm!  That's what I call good friends!  She has also lent me a jigsaw - one based on a quilt shop - I will post a photo when its done - but it's lush!  I think that Trisha is in danger of becoming quite addicted to this fabric thing!

Lunch was at House Of Fraser - never fear, I had taken mine with me - and then proceeded to drop it all over the floor - let's just say that I am looking forward to tea tonight! Then it was time to meander back to M &S to do some food shopping before coming home -well, you have to treat yourself now and then don't you?  They had a good "Dine in for 2" offer and I picked up some steak, veg and fruit salad (all of which I wanted anyway) along with wine (well, it's not just any sewing retreat .........)

The only fly in today's ointment is that my back has gone and I have a pain down my leg - making walking difficult.  In fact I have dusted down the walking stick - which seems to help.  I have to go to a church meeting tonight - but I suspect that a hot water bottle may just come with me!  Given that I have a mountain of jobs to do in the garden tomorrow, I am hoping that this rights itself tonight!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Another fine mess that you've got me into!

Today was a bit of an experiment, to be truthful, but one that,so far, has turned out well!  For some time now, Sewingbuddy and I have felt that we are stagnating - craft wise - and need to push ourselves further and develop our artistic side (or find mine in my case!).  Whilst I was away at my brother's wedding, Sewingbuddy went to a quilt show and was bowled over by their work -getting an invite to join the group into the bargain for both of us.  Today was our first visit so we decided to take along some hand sewing so that we could work but also have time to talk to others, develop friendships and perhaps see how the land lies about future projects.

Similar to our Scamblesby group, there were a range of activities going on - three ladies were wet and dry felting.  Jenny, who used to teach Sewingbuddy and I, was making an abstract wall hanging for her brother in law.  Karen, the group leader. showed us the product of a workshop that she had been on recently - based on the seaside.  Whilst her dog, Maddie, kept her company!  (Apologies for no photos - my phone has been busy all day trying to swap numbers form my old phone to my new one and my ipad doesn't want to play ball!)

Sewingbuddy took her Lynette Anderson Christmas cushion to continue with, whilst I took my mini hexagons to sew into a butterfly.

So -what are we doing next time?  Well Karen is gong to show us how to paint fabric and then free machine it to create marks and effects that could, in turn, be used to create book covers etc.  Watch this space - its the third Wednesday in October so I have got time develop my creative side lol!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

I'm just off down to the lodge .....

Well, today was decision day - were Mum and Dad going to buy the summerhouse or not? I had checked with local planning regs (2.5m high limit if within 2 m of the boundary, otherwise a 4m height limit), Dad had measured and marked out the floorplan on the patio and a decision was made - we would go to the garden centre and have another look.  We looked, measured again, talked to the man in charge and........ then...... went off for a cuppa and a final discussion!  Well, as the advert says, this isn't just any old summerhouse ............

Actually, this is a fine summerhouse - they have decided to call it a lodge (although that makes it sound far grander than it is!)  The walls are nearly 5cm thick and the windows are double glazed - so it should be really warm inside.  I don't know if you can make it out from the photo but the thick walls slot together like a massive jigsaw.  The summerhouse has now been purchased and should be delivered and erected within the next 3 -5 weeks!!

Back home, and enjoying the much wanted summery day, it was off up to the beach with the dogs before settling down in my summerhouse and the removal of (yet more) tape from the windows- watched and assisted by Daisy of course. I have certainly learnt my lesson.  When I paint the outside (hopefully later this week) that tape will be removed immediately!  During the session, Sewingbuddy phoned me with payment details for another sewing retreat that she is organising next March.  Cue an online payment - what would we do without this facility?

I would like to say that this evening will be spent doing some sewing - since I haven't done any today so far - but I got a new phone yesterday and so will spend tonight trying to get it sorted,transferring contact details etc.  I am keeping the same phone number - that always makes life a little easier!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Oops - maybe I should have had that batter on my fish after all!

Today it was back to school!  Well, back for the textile group in any case - we were a small select group and making a start on the 4th block from our mystery Christmas wall hanging.  We also had a couple of guests which made for an interesting discussion!

Back home, and a tidy round / dishwasher loading / washing machine loading etc, it was soon off and out again.  On my way I stopped off at Mum and Dad's with a hand made sign for their house - they have a sign already but it can't be seen from the road.  Instead I bought some adhesive stickers and used a spare piece of 2 x2 wood - Mum was over the moon!

I was on my way to slimming world - let's just say that the blog title rang true - sometimes you just have weeks that don't go your way!  So it's back to meal planning and being focused.  I am even starting a clean food diary to record everything!  Mind you -the majority of the slimming world group weren't feeling it either today -perhaps its the change in weather!

Sunday, 17 September 2017

A stitch a day .........

Today was a Scamblesby sewing day and, as usual. we were all doing different projects.

Gill, for example, who is a real novice, was creating an artistic tote bag and amazing herself with how well it was going.

Meanwhile Pat was hand embroidering her shipping forecast quilt.

Terry was sorting the angel applique's for our sewing retreat project,

Whilst Jean was trying to finish a couple of Sew Together bags.

Heather and Louise had promised Louis's daughter a quilt by Friday so Louise was working on that, whilst Heather sorted her own Sew Together bag.

And me?  Well, another Christmas present - how did you guess?

Of course talk soon turned to the upcoming sewing retreat in Norfolk.  However Terry had also managed to source a cheaper weekend for us all up in Scarborough next March - so that's another holiday to look forward to!   In short, it was another cheerful, friendly sewing day with plenty of laughs and giggles.  I would say, however, that many of us were feeling sleep deprived by the end of the day!  Maybe we just missed our naps!

Saturday, 16 September 2017

You are never alone!

This morning was a little strange!  In the summer, when I popped into Doughty's in the summer, you may recall, I bought some scrap fabric bags which proved to be extremely good value!  Doughty's - a fabric store for the uninitiated - take their fabric on a tour around the country and, today, had set up in a community hall about an hour away.  I therefore contacted them to see of they could bring some scrap bags with them - which they agreed to do. This is a long way round to explaining why, on a wet Saturday morning, I set off on a two hour round trip to pick up three bags of fabric scraps!

The hall looked resplendent - with all of the fabric bolts set out - and ladies (yes I didn't see any men) jostling to see what's available and then waiting patiently in line with an average of 5 bolts in their arms waiting to be cut.  Me?  Well, I bought a reel of cotton - and the three scrap bags!

Meanwhile, who should I see - but Pat and Terry!  Of course we had to catch up over a cuppa and Terry had to show me her wares - gentling checking that I was feeling okay after not buying anything.  As I left, feeling very virtuous, she did then remind me about a class that we are both taking so she did get me some batiks for it - but still, I did well to avoid the temptation - surely?

Back home, and a lunch of homemade soup, it was down to some church admin before a, erm, power nap.  I must admit to feeling very cold - probably because I am so tired and hopefully not coming down with anything.  Tonight I am off out again for my monthly volunteering at the theatre - ironically, selling ice cream.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Creating a quiet retreat

Today, it was back to Mum and Dad's again - this time to take them summerhouse hunting!  Now that the fencing is coming on, the corner has been cleared of the dreaded Ivy and a large patio discovered, they wanted a focal point and somewhere which catches the morning sun for their breakfast and morning coffee.  So it was a run out to a garden centre - wow - I didn't know that there were so many different styles!  Everyone had to be entered and assessed for window location(would they be up against the new fence?) and window opening possibilities (the summerhouse will be in a potentially warm position so it needs to have some circulating air).  Let's just say that we have found our "dream" summer house but ........... (more later).

After much discussion, examination of pamphlets and coffee, it was then off to a local woodyard which had been recommended.  It was a good place to know about - although their range of summerhouses was limited.  However I do think that Dad will be going back there for more fencing supplies!

By now it was lunchtime and so we stopped at Caistor Lakes on our way home.  I had fish and chips - but had extra mushy peas instead of chips and then took the batter off the fish - get me!  I did undo my goodness with a single scoop of salted caramel ice cream but resisted the wide range of gateaux on offer!

Back home - and here comes the "but" - we marked out the various sizes of dream summerhouse and then checked height restrictions with our local council.  The building regs department confirmed that they had no concerns and gave me the direct line to the planning department - who were engaged unto 4pm and then didn't answer after 4pm - go figure!  So, with fingers crossed, we may just be going back on Tuesday to buy a summerhouse!

I left Mum and Dad for a nap and have come home to catch up with the chores that are becoming neglected!  Well, it's either that or sewing - you decide!