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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Hi - di - hi - Dobbo style!

As I said yesterday, today someone came to clean my carpets - but, erm, I didn't quite finish clearing the rooms last night - too tired!  So I set the alarm for 7 am and set to - hoovering before shutting the door so that the dogs couldn't undo my good work.  Consequently, by 9am I was finished and ready (she had an appointment elsewhere at 10am -what was I thinking?).  So -what's  girl to do with this free time?  Well, with my entertainment manager's cap on (I have self promoted myself for the sewing retreat) I started to wrap the prizes for the "games" - I will say no more!!!

Next on the agenda was the dreaded pen case that I started last year and was working on last Sunday.  Was today the day that it could be finally finished?  With the lady working on the carpets, it was easier to stay in the craft room, with the dogs, and work on something useful.  Mind you - after the machine had created loops where there shouldn't be loops and then I caught the zipper when I shouldn't have - I really felt like giving up!  The final "nail in the coffin was when I twisted one of the three zips"!  This is one UFO that looks destined never to be finished!!

I will also admit to getting distracted and buying some more clothes online - plus a new bedding set.  Now that I am permanently sleeping upstairs, a duck egg blue duvet set with red curtains just doesn't cut it!

So -did I give up on the pen case - is my name Dobbo?  Not on your nellie!  At 4pm, having started at 9am and walked away several times, I finished it. 

Is it perfect - absolutely not!

Would I be proud enough to sell it / give it away - no chance!!
Woudl I make another one? - not in this decade that's for sure!


Is it fit for purpose?  Well, it does have three zipped compartments that all work and the pens / pencils are now stored together in one place  -so, yes, it's fit for purpose and will be well used


Tonight I am off to the theatre with Wendy to watch "Avenue Q" - I think that I deserve the break!!

Friday, 16 February 2018

Cruise momentum

Last night went well - the WI craft group started their personal squares with a whole range of ideas and crafting techniques.  If we continue in this vein then I have high hopes!

Today was an early start to go to Meadowhall and meet up with Trisha and Julia.  I took Mum and Dad as well - and they had a ball ferreting out bargains and clothes shopping.  I managed to pick up a bargain or two ( a tee shirt for £4.28 for example) before heading towards the m & S cafe for our meet up. I also took a gift for Trisha and Julia - remember those wash bags?

After much discussion, we managed to agree the itinerary for the cruise and decided upon the variety of excursions available to us.  As we were due to go to the Cruise shop anyway to show them our passports, we took the opportunity to book and pay for the excursions - now the next time we meet will be in the dead of night as I pick them both up to travel to the airport!  Exciting!!

Tomorrow I have splashed out and arranged for someone to come and clean my carpets - so tonight will be spent furniture arranging / moving!  Watch this space!!

Thursday, 15 February 2018

The sun has got his hat on ......

Happymum commented yesterday "If music be the food of love , play on" - oh how apt that was for the RSC play last night.  Not only was it a marvellous production - funny and poignant in equal measures - but they had composed original music and the characters kept breaking into song - it was almost like a musical.  Since the play was set in Victorian times, the music was a mixture of music hall and Gilbert & Sullivan type - very enjoyable!

I woke up to a windy but very sunny day - isn't it nice how the sun can lift your spirits?  I had decided to try making my black and white clutch bag today and opted for the XL version (the sizes range from S to XXL) - it was just as well - my hone fits in - just!  However the sew along video made the bag go together like a dream so, apart from taping the paper pattern pieces together, I won't mind making another if I decided on a larger version..  However - what do you need on a boat?  As long as you have your phone and room key card - any costs can be charged to your room and settled at the end!

Any new pattern takes longer than it should - as you check and recheck - so I didn't finish it until lunchtime, by which time the pooches had found their sunny spots and were enjoying their snoozes!  It was a shame to wake them up to go for a walk!

After lunch it was time to start thinking about tonight and tomorrow.  Tonight it's the WI craft group and we are starting an exciting venture - the creation of a table cloth for the president's table.  I am encouraging every member to create / give an idea for someone else to create a square which identifies what WI means to them.  I am looking forward to seeing the range of ideas that people have come up with.  Tomorrow I am meeting up with Trisha and Julia to discuss the cruise - so spent some time this afternoon downloading the cruise excursions to see if anything appealed or whether we will simply plan to get off the boat and stretch our legs / have a cuppa n cake!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Success - at last!

Today was scheduled to be a sewing day at Belchford - but, for reasons too numerous to mention, I didn't go.  So, instead. it was a sewing day at home.  Remember that wall hanging that I was designing?  Well, today was the day that I wanted to put it together (and modify if needed).  I am delighted to say that it all fitted together and I am super proud of some of my seams ( I sewed each seam until 1/4" from the end so that these three awkward angles fitted together).  The downside to this success is that this will be the last picture for a long while - now I know that it works, it will turn into a present for some poor soul!!

I also managed to squeeze some free motion quilting for the Gail Pan wall hanging (at last you say!!).  Unfortunately the Suffolk puffs that I thought had been done hadn't - there is a bag of them but they are in the wrong colourway and waiting for another UFO.  Oops!

Being at home has other advantages, of course.  The bed has been stripped and bedding washed, the dogs walked and general tidying around completed. Lunch was "an all day breakfast spaghetti" (rather than reheated soup) and tea will be a beef stir fry.  One of my new year's resolutions (yes there were quite a few) was to cook every meal from the Slimming World calendar and the stir fry is February's meal.  To be truthful I even had to ask where the fish sauce and oyster sauce was in Tesco's but "in for a penny, in for a pound".  Next month is an ameretto cheesecake - mmmmm!

Tonight I am off to watch "Twelfth Night" as part of the RSC live series.  You may recall that my retirement ambition was to watch every RSC live production so that I have seen all of Shakespeare's plays (most of which are for the first time).  According to my records this will be number 19 out of 36 so there is still much to look forward to.  This evening's production stars Ade Edmonson and Kara Toynton so promises to be good.

On a totally different note - and pertaining to the blog title - as I sewed, I had the radio on and did the pop master quiz.  The first contestant was given the option of Diana Ross or The Osmonds as his bonus questions - you must know what I was shouting at the radio!  My score was a respectable 21 - I answered only one non-bonus question but all three relating to The Osmonds - go me!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Putting one foot in front of the other.

Yesterday was a gloriously sunny day here.  This morning is dry, and the sun is trying to peep out - but it's flipping freezing.  Why the weather forecast?  Well, today was the first walk for the WI walking group.  At least it was dry - but the sheepskin mittens were found and used!!  Mind you -  I started with a "traditional breakfast" - sweet bacon "pancakes" - a kind of sweetened omelette with cooked bacon embedded in it - I saw someone in America eating bacon / pancakes and maple syrup! Whilst it was SW friendly, it was ,erm, different!  I also downloaded February's BOM from Gail Pan - what a lovely surprise to wake up to!

As we walked around the village, I picked up my dogs (others had taken theirs but I wasn't sure whether we could or not) and we continued walking - in the end it was nearly three miles (and I wasn't the last to finish - I didn't know that I was so fit!).  Mind you I did take a rest when I got home - a cuppa and time with the jigsaw - finishing it at last!!

Lunch was some lovely warming butternut squash and sweet potato soup (by which time I will confess to stiffening up and therefore enjoying an afternoon nap!) .  After my, erm, gain yesterday I am determined to have a 100% week and Susan (the consultant) has agreed to give me grief if I don't lose this week!

Ever one for milking the situation, I then used my "sitting own time" to clear the desk in the craft room - honestly even I can't find a thing!!  Mind you - I came across some "treasures " so it was worth it!!  Daisy tries to hide cutlery under her bed so a quick shake down whilst I swept the room revealed this week's stash! 

But then I moved on to focusing on the upcoming cruise.  Trisha, Julia and I are meeting up on Friday to discuss the final details so I wanted to check details such as the time of my parking spot at the airport, reservation details to take with me to the agent on Friday etc. I also need a clutch bag for the smart evening functions and started to look online to buy one.  However I then came across a cute pattern and thought - why not make it yourself?  So, this afternoon, I spent some time cutting it out and preparing it.  Gee another sewing project to add to my list!!

All that's left to do is to make tea, cook a "scan bran" cake whilst the oven is on and then to make some oat pancakes to have for dessert with sliced banana, thick yoghurt and drizzled chocolate.  It's life in the fast lane for me!! 

Monday, 12 February 2018

Well - it turns out that you can't have your cake and eat it!

Yesterday I spent the day sewing at Scamblesby.  There really wasn't much to tell you - hence the no posting yesterday - I didn't even finish the pencil case.  However I will "big up" Pat's "Shipping forecast" quilt - it is nearing completion and looks fantastic!

Today there was no Textile Group (with it being half term) and so I took the opportunity to get prepared for the WI craft group this week - we are making a table cloth for the president's table and so I cut up and backed 7" squares ready to transfer designs.

With a detour to Tesco's for the "big shop" , it was then onto Slimming World.  As you know, I had a great start to the week but it turns out that a Stilton and cheddar scone, a piece of bakewell tart, a sausage roll and a piece of birthday cake at Scamblesby all result in a weight gain!  Who knew!!  Ah well, I have asked the consultant for a food diary to fill in and then she has to be horrible to me if I don't lose - she agreed far too quickly for my liking!

Right - off to food plan and then settle in for the evening.  Onwards and upwards!

Saturday, 10 February 2018


We had a lovey dinner last night - not very SW friendly but, hey, its good to loosen the corset sometimes now isn't it?  We sapped our presents and, coincidentally, my present came from my next door neighbour!  It was a  lovely Cath Kidston pen - just right to put in my pen case when it's finished Sewingbuddy!  I also woke up this morning with a dim recollection of having agreed to join the WI walking group and going on its first weekly walk on Tuesday - how did that happen?  Help!!

This morning I woke up to thick frost which, as the day has passed, has turned to a cold rain.  It was therefore incredibly stupid of me to take the dogs up to the beach - my hands were red raw just driving the car there (the heater hadn't had time to warm up) and, although I was bundled up, my face hurt with the stinging rain.  Suffice to say that the cup of hot (sugar free) vimto and water bottle was gratefully received when I got back.  Meanwhile the dogs must have been cold as well - they rarely snuggle up to each other like this!!However I was gutted to find that Mum and Dad had tried to phone whilst I was out to invite me out for coffee - when I wasn't in they just went home!  However we then arranged to meet up for a late lunch so all was not lost!

An early dog walk meant that I could get down to some sewing tasks - starting with assembling and preparing kit number 3 for our sewing retreat next month, followed by sorting out some sewing for a Scamblesby sewing day tomorrow.  Last year I spent a very enjoyable day sewing over at Sewingbuddy's where we were both making a beautiful case to store pens etc.  It was a complicated (aren't they ever?) case with multiple zips and, although Sewingbuddy finished hers, mine has sat unloved in its box ever since then.  Tomorrow I aim to get somewhere near to finishing it!

However the main event of the day was my attempt to get the Gail Pan wall hanging quilted.  That would just leave me with the binding and then the Suffolk puffs to make and sew on (truthfully I have a sneaky feeling that I may have made the puffs but would need to find them!!!!).  I decided to go with a traditional "Stitch in the ditch" for the cream rectangles and then some free motion work in the squares which will form the background for the Suffolk puffs.  I thought that a dense quilting may make the puffs stand out even more.  Having said that - the machine didn't want to play ball with the free motion so I de-fluffed it and have left that part of the quilting until tomorrow - I can then use the simpler machine!

After a trip out for a late lunch at a local tea room - where I filled Mum and Dad in on some family tree research that I had been doing (the war records are so interesting in their description of our relatives and I am extremely grateful to whoever has spent time scanning documents in) - it was then back home to get ready for my monthly volunteering at the theatre.