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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Christmas Party time

Today  was our Scamblesby Christmas Party - a day of sewing, plus a Christmas Lunch at a local carvery where we swapped our Secret Santa gifts.  Every year we swap a wrapped fat quarter - we can all find a use for a fat quarter after all!

Every year (just to be a meanie) I issue a "Dobbo's Challenge".  This year they were challenged to make anything they wanted - deadline of April - using their wrapping paper as an inspiration  that got the old brain cells going!  The photo shows my paper which was wrapped up with string - so I need to start thinking!

Sadly Jean and I had to leave after lunch -as I said yesterday, our Carol Service started at 4pm so I wanted to get back.  The Carol Service is by candlelight and has a lovely relaxed feeling amongst the hustle bustle of Christmas preparations.

Once home, and with ta cooking, it was time to turn my mind to tomorrow's slimming World taster event - I decided to make some smoked salmon mousse and wanted to leave it chilling overnight.

That just left the fire to light before I plan to settle down, catch up with "The Feud" that I recorded last night and watch the final of The Apprentice.  Talking about finals - well done to my brother,Phil, who chose Joe in the final show as his winner - Joe deserved it last night - but, there again, Alexandra was fab as well!  Once we've had both the Strictly final and The Apprentice final, you just know that Christmas is around the corner!

Saturday, 16 December 2017

On my knees!

Last night saw 1 am come and go -again -but then I woke up at 9am - go figure!!  I think that part of the problem was that I fell asleep on the sofa early evening -for over an hour - note to self, don't do that tonight!  Anyway it's the Strictly final so I can't fall asleep in that now can i?

I had a nice text from Wendy last night, with an impromptu plan to meet up for coffee and a cake (yes I had a cake after all - it's about time and who could resist a cheddar and stilton homemade scone?) so that we can exchange presents.  So, this morning has been getting on with tasks such as more present wrapping and preparing for a day at Scamblesby tomorrow - I say day but, in reality, its a morning, followed by lunch.  I am leaving early to come home for the church Carol Service at 4pm tomorrow.

I also decided to clean out (completely) the handheld dyson - to my shame it hadn't been taken apart since June, when Mum did it!!  I think that it needed it - don't you?

Once back from a very leisurely, two coffee, chat and catch up with Wendy it was back to present wrapping, fire lighting and generally getting ready for an evening of Strictly - now, who does everyone want to win then?  My vote goes to Joe at the moment but let's see how the show dances go!

Friday, 15 December 2017

It wasn't my fault mum - honest!!

After a fair night's sleep (that's newsworthy in itself - I haven't been sleeping well recently), I woke up to a Facebook message from Sewingbuddy inviting me to check out some fabric on fabric guild.  One phone call later and an order was placed!!  Like I haven't got enough fabric as it is!!  Ah well - it's obviously not the right fabric!

This morning started with a quick visit to the doctors for a blood test to check out my kidney function (I only have one so they like to check up every year) and a flu jab.  I have an appointment with the doctor next Friday to check out the results.  On the way home, I popped into the village vegetable shop where I noticed that they have just stared serving produce from a Louth bakery - Lakings.  Cue an order for our Christmas day sausage rolls!

Back home and I had scheduled today for Christmas present sorting and wrapping.  In reality that meant that I tidied the house up and hoovered around, clear the fire place out and, after lunch, lit a new fire, pop "White Christmas" on the TV and start wrapping - it's a tradition I just have to do every year!!  This year the family theme is "Shoe boxes" but, ever one to mix things up, I wrapped three of the gifts in the shoe box, then the shoe box itself and then added some decor.  Let's just say that, after a two hour film, I have managed two of the boxes and three smaller gifts (one of which should have been in the box but "fell out" and wasn't found until the box was wrapped).  Ah well, that's an excuse for another afternoon film tomorrow then!  I also sorted out my cracker (family members will understand that reference) so things are ready to be transported up to Mum and Dad's.

In between there was obviously dogs to be walked, local Christmas cards to be delivered, a craft room table to rediscover etc but it really feels good to have made a start on the wrapping marathon.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Going out for the day - Christmas style!

Today I got to take Mum and Dad out for the day.  They fancied a day in Lincoln which entailed lots of traffic, a very expensive car park and a lovely cuppa in their cafe (Mum and Dad had cake whilst I had two tiny shortbread trees! )  With a wander around the shop, and the food hall, under our belts, we took the shopping back to the car -would you believe that nearly two hours had passed in a flash?

Next stop was Waitrose -Mum had some money off vouchers so it seemed rude not to.  I was particularly taken with their melting sprout dessert but the use by date wouldn't allow us to treat everyone for Christmas -ah well, money saved then!

We did, however, indulge in a waitrose lunch (bacon roll for me and a very naughty quarter of Mum's apricot tart for afters!)

On the way home we stopped off at Trotters Trading -where Mum was walking around with a big grin on her face.  We had actually stopped off to look at carpets for the lodge - they are going back once they have measured up but Mum was really impressed with the place (Phil - you would love it!)

Home, and tired, I have put the shopping away, put the shepherds pie in to heat up and fed the dogs.  I have a two hour turn around period before going out again to the WI craft evening.  It's been a busy day, but a good one - roll on Christmas!

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The fulfilment of a long held dream

Well, that might be egging the pudding a tad - but Sewingbuddy and I had had this particular bag on the "to do" list for several months.  We had bought the "hardware" but just hadn't got around to making it.  Today, at Belchford, we sat and concentrated and , wait for it, completed it!!  Truthfully the bag was quite easy to do - one of those patterns that complicated the issue too much!  Consequently, although it took all day, we have already decided to make another one next week - and customise this version!  Watch this space!

Lunch today was a shared Christmas meal - full of lovely looking and very lovely smelling Christmas temptations!  We had forgotten about this and so took our own lunch - I enjoyed my soup whilst Sewingbuddy partook of the food - just to be sociable you understand!

 Once home, and with evening drawing in, it was washing on, tea on and fire lit - emptying the car whilst the dogs ate their tea (I sure know how to live now don't i?).

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Domestic Drudgery - it's bliss!

After the excitement of yesterday, its back to basics today.  There is a hard frost outside and it's REALLY cold - cue another saucepan of soup making on the go - ham hock broth again - more portions for the freezer!  I will admit to having a bowl mid morning -well, its better than snacking on chocolate and mince pies now isn't it?

With time to give every where a good hoover and airing (yes I did open the lounge windows but shut the door to keep the rest of the house warm!!), the bed was stripped, aired and bedding washed - don't you just love the smell of freshly laundered bedding (I read once that royalty have that every night!).

Next on the agenda was some ironing (and putting away) before (yes, you knew that this was coming now didn't you?) starting to sort out fabric for my trip to Belchford tomorrow.  Sewingbuddy and I are going to attempt a new (well to us) bag - a retreat bag with a strange opening.  The decision re fabric took AGES!!  Well, I had to get some crafting in there somewhere now didn't I?

Jean called in on her way home from shopping to pick up her passport form -I have now completed two for her since she didn't send it off within the 4 week window after signing it last time (lesson for everyone there!) - and so I took the opportunity for a break.  I lit the fire and settled down for an afternoon of Christmas present wrapping - and,maybe, just maybe, 40 winks!!

Today's advent presents were an appropriate saying from Phil and Chris and a lovely glass angle Christmas tree decoration from Wendy - how lucky am I to get these sort of presents every morning?

With bags packed ready for tomorrow and the Shepherds pie cooking for tea tonight, I just had time to sort the fridge out and wash the kitchen floor before settling down for the evening.  I live such a hard life - don't I?

Monday, 11 December 2017

What's the saying - more haste, less speed?

Oh how you will all laugh at this!!!  Guess what I have done?  I sat down last night, ready to hand quilt my advent project that has already taken far too long to do - only to remember (before I started the quilting thank goodness) that it still needs several strips as borders - duh!!  So, at some point today or tomorrow, that will be my next task (as well as cutting another piece of wadding and another back piece!!!!)

Anyway, on to today and my normal Monday routine.  Kicking off this morning was the Textile group - our penultimate meeting before Christmas.  We were all doing our own thing - I had a couple of shoebox gifts to do (so no pictures) but brought my sewing class embroidery to do just in case I finished early.

Once home, it was a quick flash round the house to keep the wolves from the door, before heading out again to Slimming World.  Paula admitted on Thursday night that she had given up, which is a real shame, so it was just Jean and I today.  Jean needed to lose 4lbs to get to target and I needed 1lb to get my 4 stone award and, therefore, mark the 4 1/2 stone loss mark.  Need we have worried - no, of course not!  Jean lost 1 1/2 lbs to get her 1 1/2 stone award and I lost 2 lbs so got my new shiny certificate.  We keep chipping away at it - I now have 6lbs to go to lose 5 stone in total.  Now, wouldn't that make a nice Christmas present?

On our way home, we say Santa on his sleigh, driving past us -what a way to celebrate!  My advent presents today was some lovely thread heaven from Wendy and a useful paperweight (pen and rubbers) from Phil and Chris.  So - today is officially a great day!