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Thursday, 22 March 2018

err - I got a little distracted!

I woke up this morning really feeling my age.  Every single bone and joint hurt!  But there was too much to do to stay in bed so I roused myself and started with a load of washing, followed by a good clean through - no-one wants to come back to an untidy house now do they?  It was at this point that I became distracted.  When I tidied up my sewing retreat bag the other day, I came across the corners that I had cut off nearly two months ago (thinking that they might come in useful).  Cue a stop over at the sewing machine to run up a pin cushion cube.

Firmly back in holiday prep mode, I then sorted the bags that I wanted to take - only to think "wouldn't it be useful to just sort those sides of the bag out"  Cue more time at the sewing machine sewing the sides for two sew together bags!  Really!!

Back on track, I had time to put the hoover around, and iron the washing and talk to the house sitter, before popping out to take the dogs up to Mum's - finally coming home to pack the suitcase.  I don't know whether I will be able to blog over the weekend so please bear with me!  Seriously, the amount of projects that I have taken will last me the weekend (and more) providing I don't sleep at all / go shopping!

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Blowing away the cobwebs

This morning, I awoke to glorious sunshine.  Just the ticket for our WI walk.  We had planned to walk around Covenham reservoir - around 3 miles.  Sadly the gate was closed and so we had to climb the mountain  of steps - no problem for this fit lassie!  The stile did prove challenging for some - but soon we were off.  The walk is fenced in both sides and so the dogs were able to run freely - Daisy loved it - bombing between the various groups.  the sunshine on the clear blue, lapping water was just a magical tonic!  Bring on the summer!

On the way home, we stopped off at Appleby's for a coffee - and were treated to an update viewing of their craft gallery  plus a tour of the ice cream factory!  The gallery is really showing some potential - I have now contacted the owner (she wasn't here) to firm up the arrangements for my "makes".

Back home and, I will confess, a long sit down with lunch - the dogs were shattered (can you just make out Daisy asleep at my feet?) - followed by more sewing retreat prep - I am now up to three bags plus the suitcase - with at least one more to come!  (Sorry Wendy!)  However there was time to tackle one of the prepped projects -some mini tote bags which will house a knitting kit for beginners which Happymum has supplied.  I don't have many children's fabrics at home but came across these in my stash and so put them to good use!

Tonight it's off to pilates - I will enjoy it when I am there but ................

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

I have a cunning plan ......... he he he!

So, now we are in full on holiday preparation mood - first up as the hairdressers to be coloured, cut and generally pampered - always one of my favourite days!  On the way home, I popped into Mum and Dad's (thank you for the bacon buttie), caught up with the progress of their conservatory - more like a terrace at the moment - and said hello to Maisie!  What is it with dogs and their need to roll around the lawn?

Back home, and with the shopping from Tesco's unpacked, it was time to search for this roll of "plastic".  I have had it for many years and believe that it is soluble fabric (I will test some before I start).  The concept is to trap all of those tiny bits of fabric and thread between this and some calico, machine it to death to trap everything and then wash the top layer away to reveal "new fabric".  Well, whats a retreat if it's not to try new things like this?

Talking about the retreat, I also came across my Cath Kidston wash bag - well, I can hardly use my new wash bag, I am saving that for the retreat!  So it was shampoo bottle filling and wash bag sorting!

Next up was some cutting of fabric to finish a project at the retreat (I have enough projects to last at least a fortnight and we have three days!)  The visit to Mum also resulted in a "commission" which needs a visit to The Sewing Centre at Scarbrough on Saturday for the"right" fabric- what a shame!

The final task of the day (apart from washing etc) was to empty the car.  Tomorrow the WI walking group is walking around the local reservoir and I have volunteered to take a couple of passengers - as well as the two pooches.

Holiday d-day is now three sleeps away!!

Monday, 19 March 2018

Down to earth with a bump!

Well - it couldn't be anything else - now could it?  Truthfully, today has been the usual Monday routine - Textile Group followed by Slimming World - where, yes, I put on!  I suppose that eating a creme egg fondant , birthday cake and home made tiffin might actually result in a weight gain!  With a long weekend approaching, perhaps it's a good idea that I have a fortnight to get back on the straight and narrow!

That being said, I have had so many compliments about my weight loss so far that it's never a bad idea to take stock and see how far I've come.  The odd weight gain is just a little bump in the road - it's how you overcome the obstruction and carry on that matters.

Elsewhere any activity is heading towards the impending sewing retreat - checking projects to see what is still need to be purchased (30" of 1/4" navy ribbon since you ask) and packing my new "Ultimate Carry All bag"  now that I don't have to go to another class or group before Friday. Next stop?  A date with the hairdressers tomorrow followed by a secret assignation with Mr T to secure some treats for the "treat table" -all low syn of course!!

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Wow - what a weekend!!

For the past six months, or so, I have been planning and organising a surprise lunch for Dad's 80th birthday.  Of course I couldn't mention it before - he never reads my blog - but it would just be my luck!! The plan was that I was going to take them both out for a birthday lunch - my present to them.  Mum was in on it - but the whole family (over 30 of them ) were then congregating in a local "Steak on the rocks" restaurant.  Imagine the surprise when dad walked in - just to be greeted with everyone!

It was a lovely lunch - the food had been pre-ordered and the service excellent - but, eventually, we had to com home - to Mum and Dad for a cuppa and birthday cake.  We rather filled the lounge!!  Dad even enjoyed a cuddle with the latest addition - Ruth.

My niece, Cadi, had made the lovely cake and all of these wonderful cupcakes - she had put a lot of thought into it and should be proud!!

Meanwhile the great grandchildren did a chocolate Easter egg hunt around the house - and then just loved rolling around on the floor!

Mike gave Dad this lovely jigsaw - the family photo from his wedding last summer!

Eventually, all good things come to an end - and we all went home, apart from my cousin and her family who were staying overnight.  Consequently I went back to Mum and Dad's today to help her mend a very decrepit sewing machine (we got this much dirt out of it - nearly fifty years worth she believes).  I am pleased to say that it is now working again!


I also made pudding - this recipe for a Creme Egg chocolate fondant kept popping up on my Facebook page and I wanted an excuse to make it - I only had half - honest!  All that I now need to do is to make a Slimming World Ameretto cheesecake for tomorrow - before thinking about my sewing retreat on Sunday and checking that I have everything that I need!  Phew - I should sleep well again tonight!

Friday, 16 March 2018

You've gotta love a bargain!

Last night I seemed to have problems falling asleep - I certainly saw 2:30am - it must have been the combined excitement of the swim and the fashion show (yes I did pick up a top or two!) - so it was no real surprise that I didn't wake up until around 8:50am!  Even then I could have turned over and gone back to sleep but, when I saw the time, I decided not to.  Consequently the day was half gone by the time I had had breakfast and fed the dogs.  Nevertheless I managed to sew some more coasters - they just need top stitching and wrapping /labelling, cut and prepped some more bags and made some frames for an even smaller retreat bag - well, I did say that I wanted to go smaller now didn't I?

Around lunchtime, Wendy phoned from Tesco - did I want any more Really Useful Boxes?  well, naturally, I have more than enough and would have said no - until she said that they were slightly larger than then usual ones and were being sold off at £1.75 each!!!!  Let's just say that, between us, we cleared the shelf!

To continue with the bargain theme, We had been told about a lady, in our village, who was selling her HUGE collection of fiction books for 75p each or 2 for a pound.  Well - I did need a book for the cruise so just had to investigate.  three bags full later (32 books!) and I think that I am set up for the next couple of weeks lol!  We did say that we would go back after Easter!  As the title says - You've gotta love a bargain!

Right now we are being threatened with some more snow overnight so take care everyone - particularly if you are driving anywhere tomorrow.  Talking of which, I am taking Mum and Dad out for a birthday lunch (it's mum's birthday tomorrow after all), so if there's no post you will know that we have had a good time -and I will catch up on Sunday!

Thursday, 15 March 2018

In an experimental mood

Well, after the excitement of yesterday - and the momentous achievement last night of a one handed press up - I know - get me!!! - I felt in an experimental mood.  You cannot have missed that I am obsessed, at the moment, with making "retreat bags".  However they need a frame which only comes in two sizes and I had seen others making their own frames and, therefore, making smaller ones.  I had no idea of what size to cut my fabric or how to make the frames - but its a challenge - right?

I sat down with the dimensions of the two sizes of bag and frame and tried to work out the ratio (there wasn't a consistent one!) and then used these aluminium welding rods to make the frames (don't get me wrong - I have bought zillions of the original frames and am not looking to cheat anyone out of profit -I just want a smaller size) and bound the ends with electrical tape to ensure that the frames didn't poke through the fabric.

The sewing went well, the frames fitted - but the zip is a little bit difficult to do up - due, I feel, to the frames needing to be 1/2" longer.  So, there will be a second version to test this theory!   However it did work better than I hoped and forms a small, but wide opening rubbish bin.  In fact I might even make one without the zip for that exact purpose! I have pictured today's effort in front of the other two sizes so that you can see how dinky it is!  Now, dare I go smaller still?

Otherwise, today has seen the start of this year's swimming session.  The pool opened last Friday (and stays open until November) but today has been the first day that I have been free to go.  I won't lie - I am sure that I will be stiff tomorrow, but it's good to be back - I do love the swimming - its just the cold when you get out that I don't like.  However, I managed 126 widths (equivalent to 1 1/2 km) so it wasn't too bad.  Truthfully I had set myself a target of 50 widths for my first time - but the pool was relatively empty and I can't go again for around 4 weeks so thought that I would push myself.  Just as well - tonight it's the WI fashion Show and I shall be sat down all evening selling raffle tickets!