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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Finished - at last!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting ready for church this morning, I decided to try a different pair of shoes - one with a kitten heel.  You see, I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitus some years ago and have worn flat shoes for nearly five years - but a long dress for the cruise really demands some form of heel rather than lace up flats - so I thought that I ought to "practise".  I have no idea how I used to walk in them and stand in them all day teaching - my ankle ended up feeling strained!  Long story short, I have found a more comfortable pair from my shoe stash(!!) which pinches my big toe a little but are much easier to walk in!!

Once home from church, and with the dogs walked in the lovely sunshine, I then set to painting the front fence.  You may recall that I painted it last year - but had about 10 "pickets" to do that never got done.  I have had such stick about the unfinished fence that its nice to get the job done at last - even if it did take an hour and a half to do! Now I just have the inside of the fence (the bit that I can see) and my large side fence - and the front garden will be complete!!!!!!

As a "treat" I then sat down to do the Christmas tree for the advent calendar - which took about 2 1/2 hours - why is nothing ever quick and simple?  Now that the 4 parts are complete, they need to be bound, a trunk appliqued, a secret pocket installed and red ric rac added to the tree - before finally attaching the tree - all by the end of this month if I don't want Sewingbuddy on my back!  During any normal week, that wouldn't be a problem but this week is my "preholiday " week. Monday is the usual Textile Group followed by Slimming World, Tuesday I am off to see The Greatest Showman again at the cinema, Wednesday is my monthly sewing class, Thursday the car is being valeted followed by a PinGin event in the evening, Friday is a WI meeting followed by Book Club and Saturday I am going to see "Hairspray" in Hull.  Phew - I really will need a holiday then!!

The final task of the day was some weeding - this weather is definitely getting chillier but it's still dry so I wanted to make the most of it -before starting to get ready for the Textile Group tomorrow - and thus another week starts!

Saturday, 21 April 2018

A sense of achievement.

I am liking this combination of nice sunny days and cooler nights - that way you can actually get a  good night's sleep! Truthfully the temperature today has been much better but I walked the dogs early so that the deed was down before the temperature climbed - I always worry about the tarmac getting too hot for their paws!

My main aim for today was to complete the titchy tiny foundation pieced houses for my Lynette Anderson block 3 of Seaside Town.  However, this wasn't something that I wanted to sit down and complete in one go - it actually took something like three hours in total!  So I interspersed my crafting activities with ironing, gardening. sweeping the patio etc.  In fact I even answered a "cry for help" on Facebook and gave the local playgroup some picket fencing -which creates more space in the shed.

I actually completed the block this afternoon - whilst listening to next month's book club book on Audible - "My Cousin Rachel".  As with the larger version (these houses measure 3" square) I had an issue with the chimney placement - but it's nothing that a well placed button won't cure!  I also need to do a little more embroidery so that the fence rails meet the seam - but it's a relief to see the back of this one.  Blocks two and three have travelled to two different sewing retreats without being attempted.  After looking at block 4, it appears that I have already cut out some parts so, I guess, you could count the block as being started!

Friday, 20 April 2018

So, who goes shopping with a ruler? Don't be shy - hands up!

This morning started well enough - but I will confess to wanting a distraction.  I had decided to tackle the WI wine bag and follow the you-tube video step by step.  All was going well, until her "normal" bottle of wine must have been smaller than mine - the only bottle that I had in the house was too big for the bag (which has a "hat" on and therefore size is important!

Just as I stopped to ponder my dilemma, Wendy called round with a  lovely bunch of tulips to congratulate me on reaching my first weight loss target - wasn't that lovely of her and Nigel?

Then mum called and I arranged to meet her and Dad at a garden centre for lunch -problem solved, I could stop off at Tesco's and get another bottle of wine - hence the ruler.  Yes I honestly did go up and down the wine aisles measuring bottles!  In the end, the bottle was the smallest that I can find.  I need to sew a button on to finish it off - just hope that they like it!

Back home, and a quick dog walk, it's nearly tea time - just where has the day gone?  I can report, however, that the knitted waistcoat is now sewn up and I am contemplating binding the seams with some lovely bias binding that Wendy got me for Christmas.  Cruisewise, I have now checked in online both ways and have been sent (and printed out) my cruise e-tickets.  I have allocated next Sunday to go through everything and check that it's all in order - but I think that we are good to go. Heck - Mum has even bought me Percy Pig sweets for the journey!!  Just got the ironing and packing to go then!

With the knitting complete - hey, I can go back to handsewing!! Life is good!  Oh, and on a totally different note, Sewingbuddy and I "tendered" for a designing job last night.  A mutual friend put us in touch with an american start up company who wants one of their products re-designed and were looking at a number of different companies to take on the task.  We probably won't be successful but it's all good experience!!

Thursday, 19 April 2018

The annual battle with Mad Millie

So - another scorcher eh?  After feeling rather smug that I had swapped to the summer duvet (and, consequently, am getting a good night's sleep), my first task of the day was to make bag number 6!  Well - I wanted to let the grass dew dry out before getting out and mowing the lawn - which was then swiftly followed by the second power washing of the patio are to get rid of those last few dregs.

With a change of clothes (you do get filthy power washing!), it was then mid morning and time to chill in the summer house. For the first time this year, the doors were thrown back and the rocking chair enjoyed.  I would say that it was a lovely peaceful morning but, just as I sat down, the next door neighbour started with a strimmer!

With a short break to check in online for our return flight (boo - 3 weeks today the holiday is over!), it was back outside for some weeding - I'm a regular "wonder woman" today! - before bringing the powerwasher in and taking the table outside to the clean patio - today's mission accomplished (watch it rain tomorrow!!)

So -what about the blog title and "Mad Millie"?  Well it was time for her booster jabs this afternoon - never my favourite task as she goes mad in the vets.  Every year we get a different vet(now I wonder why?) but this one thought that she looked good for her age, was surprised to see that this mad monster was nearly 12 and, when we weighed her, I was surprised to see that she had only put on 0.7kg in five years since she was weighed last year - not too bad going eh?  However, having survived that, we then came home, picked up Daisy and gave them a nice walk (trying to keep to the shade of course).

Tonight I have the church's AGM, which is a shame since I have just got to sew my waistcoat up and that project is finished!!  I also volunteered to make our WI's entry for a group competition next week - a decorated wine bottle bag! - so that will be my next focus.  Just to add to the list, my ricrac arrived today for my advent calendar Christmas trees - no excuse now then!!

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Battling with the hosepipe!

Well, the sunshine has arrived and it's glorious!  So I decided to go ahead with power washing the "patio" so that I can move the table and chairs outside.  It didn't start so well - connection issues etc - combined with two different hosepipes to choose from - one of which is ancient and has kinks - but has a better connection.  Eventually - the problem was solved and off I went - I do love the difference it makes!  I will need to get rid of the debris and then give it (and the covered walls) a once over - but we are nearly there for this area of the garden.

Covered in muck, I stripped off and filled the washing machine - before sewing another couple of toiletry bags - I want to have made 7 (strange number I know - but! ) and currently have 5 so I am getting there!  Heck I even braved using a double headed zip - I have always avoided trying this in case there is a gap in-between because I have put the heads on wrong.

By now it was time for an early lunch ( Bacon and asparagus pesto pasta since you ask) before setting off for the inaugural "Knit and natter" group (wearing my nice new M & S top may I just say!).  There was a good turn out and we certainly had a good natter -meeting new friends is always good.  Heck - I almost finished the back of my waistcoat and even got to sample the new Pin Gin cocktail  - the owner was in and the barmaid gave us one between us to sample.  I can't go for another few weeks, but - wait for this Jo - a group of us are going to try knitting a sock!!  I say one - just in case it goes horribly wrong!!

With the car thermometer saying 27 degrees(yikes!)  I went home and even did some weeding!  Let's make the most of these lovely sunny days - my phone gives us tomorrow and Friday (with the temperature starting to drop on Friday ) before the rain returns!  So - tomorrow will hopefully see the patio finished, the table moved outside and the lawn mowed.  Who knows - maybe some more weeding!

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

What a day!!

Seriously - it's like being back at work.  Waking up to the alarm and then two meetings with barely time for lunch in-between!

The first meeting was a WI group meeting so, as Secretary, I spent some time organising myself before the meeting, took the minutes and then spent some time this afternoon typing up the minutes. 

After a quick turn around, it was then off to Carine's for a WI craft group meeting looking at our WI entry for the Lincolnshire show.  The theme is "all the fun of the fair" and so Wendy brought the base - a piece of wood covered with artificial grass which looks fab.

Carine has just acquired two kittens (well they're 11 months really) and the kittens have been brought up in a flat -much loved but given up when the owner realised that they were desperate to enjoy the outside area but she lived near a main road.  Today was only the second time that Carine had allowed them into her garden and they are still at that tentative stage!  However they are VERY cute!

Back home, and whilst typing up the afore said minutes, I looked up to see this.  I am hoping that it's a Cadet exercise rather than being invaded - but all very strange!

Knitting wise, I must report that I am about 5" away from finishing the back of my waistcoat and so am hopeful about finishing it.  I have just learnt that there is a new "Knit and natter" group starting tomorrow afternoon in the pub so may just pop in!!

Monday, 16 April 2018


Today the Monday Textile Group met again after their Easter break - and the project was a retreat bag.  Since I was early, I took the opportunity to run up another toiletry bag for the stash.

However Wendy had come prepared and was able to nearly finish it - whilst Carine was busy cutting and prepping.

Meanwhile Linda was busy choosing her fabrics and starting the prep.

Home, for a few minutes, and it was time to book my tickets for The Festival Of Quilts - sadly the two workshops that I wanted were fully booked but I will look again to see if anything else takes my fancy!  Then it was round to the church to see the gardener, before popping into Mum and Dad's for a catch up - and then onto Tesco's for the weekly shop.  Phew - I was glad to get to Slimming World - if only for a sit down!

So - did I achieve my goal?  After just over a year - did I get my 5 stone award?  Of course I did!!  Did you ever doubt it?  Not only that but, with a weight loss of 4lbs,  I was slimmer of the week - so that was two shiny certificates for the wall!  With two weigh in's before I go on holiday (and put some of it back on! ) I would like to reach the 5 1/2 stone award (6 in total) but that would mean losing another 5 1/2lbs.  A tough ask - but let's go for it!!