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Saturday, 20 January 2018

"I am not going to buy anymore fabric!"

Today we set off for  new quilt show in Newark. I had been lucky enough to receive a free ticket from someone on Facebook who had won one but couldn't go.  Nevertheless, we managed to be at the front of the queue and I was the first one in!

Of course I had a short list, which was soon completed -needles, some fabric (no - that quote wasn't from me!) and a pattern (plus some impulse buys of course).  Meanwhile we admired the fantastic quilts and I was particularly impressed with the way that thread and free motion embroidery was used to colour in!  I had intended to challenge myself last year and enter a quilt into the "Journal Quilt" category but, for some reason, I didn't.  However I have now seen what they wanted and, yes you will hear it here first, I firmly intend to enter next year!

Some of the other quilts were just wonderful - I really liked this folding "postcard" - but, all too soon, we collapsed and decided it was time for home!  We had all spent up!

So - who said the blog title?  Well, let's just say that we watched as Sewingbuddy broke her resolution - bless!

Friday, 19 January 2018

Have you got a magic wardrobe?

Last night we had a lovely meal out in a nearby village - I particularly loved the liver and bacon!  Not something that I thought I would ever say!  It would be impossible to decide how many syns I ate - but at least I resisted the urge to have "Pear Bakewell Tart" for afters!  (It was really tempting though!)

This morning I tried out a new breakfast -waffles with fresh fruit and thick yoghurt - the waffles were oven baked and made out of porridge oats, an egg and yoghurt - they were gorgeous!  Definitely something that I will have again!

I had arranged to go to Mum and Dad's today to tackle the mountain of boxes that had initially been hidden under the beds when they moved in - but before I headed off I looked in the wardrobe for shoes.  I had been talking last night about the cruise and the long dresses - and how I needed to look for a pair of shoes to wear with the dresses.  Hey presto -I found two pairs that would do the job!!  I also found an envelope with cash in it - cash for our sewing retreat last November - results!  Just when I am going to a quilt show tomorrow as well!  Haven't I got a wonderful wardrobe?  Now I just need to wear the shoes around the house and get used to wearing heels again!

It wold appear that Mum has a magic wardrobe as well - she had found some clothing that I had lent her plus a long dress that we both bought some years ago but stored at hers because I couldn't fit into it!  Whilst I was relaying the story about my finds this morning, she talked about a friend who is selling her house and took the piece of carpet up from the bottom of her wardrobe - only to find £120 in old notes - which the bank have accepted.  It looks as if this concept is spreading!

We managed to empty four large boxes - and I now have a car full of charitable donations!  However that is only one spare bedroom - I am going back next week to sort the second one (we had to left the bed to get the boxes under that one so this should be fun!)  We celebrated with a late lunch (a bacon sandwich - no butter - for me) out at Watts for tea - it's halfway between us so made sense.

Once home, the day was nearly over, so it was  case of sorting washing, loading /unloading the dishwasher etc.  Crafting wise, I took THE bag to show Mum - and she was really pleased with it (she did say that I should leave it there but, there again, she would be afraid to use it!) - and Dad asked where I had bought it from !  Back home, I have started another gift (so no piccies) and need to get some hand sewing sorted for tonight - well, I can't do nothing now can I?  Mind you, with the craft show tomorrow, I must sort out my bag to make room for all those lovely shiny purchases!!

Whilst it was still light, I managed to find a new home for Florence - taunting the fox water can that Phil and Chris gave me at Christmas - its right up my street!

But I must share this with you - Mum spotted it today.  Anyone who knows me and my "love" of tomatoes will know that this is me (and Dad) to a T!!  I must also add - this goes for any food where someone has helpfully added tomatoes!!

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Ta da - all finished - now, when do I start number 2?

Wowee - did you have the winds that we had last night?  Fortunately everything is still intact - but it sounded like touch and go in the wee small hours!  My morning started with a quick emergency dash to the shops for dog food before I settled down to the mammoth task of adding binding to THE bag.  I have added binding to many quilts and bags - but none of them were as difficult as this one -it really felt like I had gone three rounds with some wrestler - and lost!  However, once attached on one side, I could then settle down, after lunch, to hand sew the other side.  So, after many many hours of effort - here it is at last!

As with most projects, I have learned lessons along the way that would make a second bag easier - but I may need to leave a gap in time before I start again!  I am also hoping that my modified version can use the "too small" sides - so that they don't go to waste!

Elsewhere in my humdrum life I walked the dogs,  sorted some fabric out for an "Emmeline sew along" that Sewingbuddy signed me up for,  and spent some valuable time sorting out some parts (not many I will admit) of the craft room.

Tonight it's the WI supper club outing to a local hostelry - I think that I have chosen "Liver and bacon" for a change!

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

So near - yet so very far away!

Today was a sewing day over at Belchford - although I really didn't think that I would make it.  I woke up to the lightest dusting of snow possible and my journey was fine - until I turned off the main road and travelled along the top of the wolds for 5 miles - 5 miles of untreated and impacted snow! Fortunately there was little traffic so I could take it easy and got there safely.

After remaking the sides (I am saving the old sides of the bag for a different version that I am developing!), I then moved on to assemble THE bag. Sewingbuddy had kindly gone on ahead and finished hers - so that she could guide and help me apparently - and had made a great job of it.

I, in the meantime, am nearly there.  After a lot of grappling and wrestling the bag, I am left with the binding to put on tomorrow and then handsew.  However it is showing some promise!

Meanwhile Sewingbuddy has been watching Youtube again and has come up with some more project ideas - they are not bags apparently mum!!  Can I go and lie down yet - I certainly need to!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Learning to be adaptable!

I had today all planned out - you know how much I love my lists.  First up was a visit to ASDA to both do the weekly shop and send the dress back, then it was on to a local newsagent to drop off a "my hermes" parcel, followed by a car wash (outside - it was disgusting!)  On my way home I had the rest of the day planned out - put the shopping away, walk the dogs (it was a lovely cold sunny wintery day at that point), sort the sides out for THE bag so that I can finish it tomorrow and then cut out a Christmas gift to take with me as a spare project should I finish early. In other words - a day of getting organised.  About ten minutes from home, Mum range me "Where are you", I told her - to be met with "can you turn around and come here?"   After ascertaining that it wasn't an emergency, I arranged to go home, put the shopping away and then head back to them.

It turned out that they had been sofa hunting yesterday and had narrowed the choices down to three - could I come with them and give my opinion.  I won't divulge all of the secrets - "what goes on in Ronnie Ramsdens stays in Ronnie Ramsdens" and all that - but, suffice to say, they left the shop spending nearly double what they had expected to do and an extra chair than they had anticipated - but boy do I have chair envy!!  Mum did manage to get the 20% sale discount, plus another £100 off the price - but it needed four people to complete the appropriate online order form!!  By now it was nearly 3pm and so "lunch" consisted of a cuppa plus a sliver of Mum's Russian Slice - it was yummy though!

So, I now find myself approaching 5pm and with the sides still ahead of me before I can settle for the night! Tea will be the lunch that has been defrosting (Cromer crab and toast) and the planned dinner tonight will be held over until tomorrow.  However, before I go Happymum asked for pictures of the evening dresses I have talked about - well here are two of them (the pink one that I discovered yesterday is still upstairs!) - when Dad saw them he commented that they made me look slim - I had to point out that these were being modelled - bless!

Monday, 15 January 2018

Oh dear me dear me dear!

No sooner had I published last night post when Sewingbuddy messaged me on facebook - "just read blog- oh dear, Problems, was going to message you but thought you were leaving it till Tuesday. Woke up rearing to go and bored, so thought sew pockets in side panels! NO- pockets bigger than panels, it had printed wrong size as I suspected ? After scrutinising the panel noticed in small print pattern should print 91/2 in high and 21 in Long."

Long story short - part of yesterday's sewing efforts has served no purpose and I now have to go back and reprint the pattern for the ides, check that its now right and cut out again -sew again etc!  I could REALLY get to hate this bag!!

This morning was the usual Textile group gathering.  As last week we are working on a mouse pincushion and were all engaged in completing different sides.  I started my wool felt applique side - wool felt is one of my favourite mediums to work with!

After a quick home visit (long enough to tidy the lounge, forget to shut the door and then clear up the mess that the dogs had made as they shredded something that they had found!), it was then off out again to Slimming World.  Truthfully this week I have not been too consistent in watching what I ate - so it came as a nice surprise to see that I had maintained!  It's a marathon not a sprint (as they say!!)  Jean had also put weight on - she was bound to now that she is on the mend and eating again - so we both need to get down to it properly this week (the menu has been planned for the week and stuck to the kitchen cupboard!)  I also took the opportunity for some impromptu stair climbing - all the way to the top!!  I'm getting good at this lark!

My other big news is that I opened the large suitcase in the loft - and found a treasure trove of clothes that had been too small but were now heading into view!  I need to try them on, of course, but there are potential entries into my cruise wardrobe!!  Some of them, to my shame, still have labels on!!  One of them is a long dress that I loved and thought that I had thrown out - fingers crossed that it fits!

Tonight I will try printing out that darn pattern for the sides (and resetting the parameters if necessary) in readiness for re-sewing them tomorrow - ah well!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

A weekend round up

My soul responsibility yesterday was to volunteer at the theatre in the evening and today's was to look after the Bishop's wife  at church (she didn't come but it was a good service).  Consequently I have had quite a large amount of time on my hands to do housework catch up on some planned sewing projects (well - you know how I like to spin those plates!).

In between dog walks at the beach (thank goodness I got a nice hat and some gloves for Christmas - its freezing!), I cut out a couple of parts of a Christmas gift, cut out and prepared a kit for the sewing retreat in March and made an actual gift - and that was just Saturday.

Today arrived and, once home from church and dogs walked (plus a load in the washing machine),     I then turned my mind to doing some more of THAT bag!  When I was at Belchford on Wednesday, I had forgotten to take a completed pocket - today I focused on finishing the front of the bag, fixing some feet, sorting out the lining and preparing the sides.  That should mean that Sewingbuddy and I are now at the same stage and can look forward to finishing the bag together on Wednesday (ever hopeful eh?)  I must say that a bag which takes 5 days to make is not my favourite bag to repeat - but my mind is already ticking over about other possibilities!  Ooops - watch this space - Sewingbuddy said this would happen!

Once the bag was ready for it's Wednesday finale. my thoughts turned to tracing some embroidery.  I have completed the first month of Gail Pan's stitchery BOM but she also included a pattern for a bag (yes I know!!) using one of the stitcheries - well, it would be rude not to given the effort she has made!

ON a "Non-stitching front" -yes I do do some things that aren't sewing related! - I have agreed to do the 2018 Book Bucket List challenge.  As it so happened I heard an author talking about her new book on the Graham Norton Radio show yesterday and it sounded good - it arrived today so I can start to read it and tick off number 2 (it was published two day ago!).

Talking about shopping - the clothes I ordered for the Cruise arrived yesterday -including the two black dresses that I couldn't choose between.  Well, as it happened, it was an easy choice - one (the more expensive one) just felt cheap and not right - so it's going back.  Joining it will be a "miracle vest" - bought to help me fit into the first dress with a smooth contour - it turns out that it would be a miracle if it fitted anyone!!  And, by the way, I do mean ANYONE!!