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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Who hid the velcro?

Last night was a nightmare!!   No matter what I did I just couldn't get to sleep - so, in the end, I gave in and got up - more craft room tidying and sorting then!  Finally, at around 1:40am, I tried again - and managed to drop off - at last!

Consequently today has been, err, challenging!  I started with an enjoyable WI meeting - one where I seem to have come home with a number of tasks!  How did that happen?  Suddenly I found myself volunteering to demonstrate box making from recycled Christmas cards at the next meeting - just the right size to hold one of Carine's chocolate truffles.  This was something that was all the rage some years ago and occupied many a Christmas maths lesson at school.  Let's hope that the wi get to grips with it as well as the young people did.

Back home, and after a rather soggy dog walk, it was back to the Christmas present that I started a few days ago.  This should be a quick and easy project - so why am I finding it so tough going?  Must be the lack of sleep I guess!  All was going well, and heading towards completion, when I just couldn't find that velcro tape that I just knew was in the room - somewhere!  Instead, and after a break to start making tonight's tea which needs nearly two hours in the oven (a lamb and sweet potato hot pot) I improvised and tried to use a popper instead.  All looked good - until I realised that, with a popper, "it" wouldn't go through what it needed to go through (all vague I know but I can't say - with it being a present and all that!).  Time to give up and walk away - I will be able to pick up some velcro - either tomorrow or on Sunday at Harrogate!  All that was then left to do, craftwise, was to prepare some fabric, and then trace off, an embroidery design that has just popped into my inbox  and that I have fallen in love with - you can never have too many handsewing projects on the go!

With time to clean out the fireplace of ashes, tidy around, make a fresh batch of soup, from some left over veg, and then sort out my sewing supplies for my monthly workshop tomorrow it was getting dark outside and another day is over.  I will admit that I am looking forward to my bed tonight!

Monday, 20 November 2017

Shedding light on the matter

Being a Monday in term time, today was the usual routine -Textile group followed by Slimming World.  We were supposed to be finishing off our lampshades but I seemed to be the only one working on mine - and it needs much work still!

In between the Textile group and Slimming World I had time (after walking through the front door and asking Alexa to play radio 2 -such fun!) to scoot around and start to complete those jobs that I have been ignoring for too long - the ironing pile has gone and I have used my new pair of steps to change some light bulbs in the lounge and the bathroom (truthfully they had all gone in the lounge and down to the last one in the bathroom - tut tut!)  Then it was onto the main event - starting to tidy the craft room.  With the retreat, and my usual creative mess,  the room is suffering somewhat.  Normally it doesn't bother me - but every now and again I have to put my foot down and restore some order -  I will say that this task will take a few days though given everything else on my calendar this week!!

Then it was off to Slimming world with the hope that I had lost enough to cancel out all /nearly all of my gained weight last week.  I needn't have worried - I lost 3 1/2lbs - so that's the holiday weight gone and I can, hopefully, start moving forward.  I have been oscillating around the same stone barrier and would love to finally crash through it next week!

Sunday, 19 November 2017

"Christmas in a box"

Does anyone remember when Margot from "The Good Life" ordered Christmas in a box from Harrods - and it didn't arrive?  Well, today, I paid the deposit for our "Christmas in a box" - not quite the same - just the meat hamper - but it gives me the giggles when I think about it.

Today was a workshop at Needles and Threads in Lincoln (yes sewingbuddy I was good with lunch and brought my cake / pud home with me to have tomorrow night).  It was with my embroidery teacher but was to make a fabric box - originally thinking that my hardanger work could be the topper.  However when I saw the lovely fabric hat she had brought, I quickly changed my mind and settled for this paisley design with a fuchsia pink interior - scrummy!

I also managed, today, to solve a present dilemma.  Sorry Wendy - you will have to wait - but I have got a corker to cover your birthday and Christmas presents next year!

Mum and I have also sorted our Alexa's - we can now call each other and the phone app rings - even when I was at sewing (you just need wifi access to make it work) so that's one less problem to solve!

So now I am about to put the tea on and go up stairs to sort today's loft box - I have started to take the Christmas decorations out and store those boxes in the bedroom ready for sorting / putting out on the 1st December.  I also need to light the fire - then I am sorted for tonight's TV.  Who needs Christmas decorations (check out the Wragby house in Lincolnshire if you are close) to tell you that Christmas is just around the corner when you have "I'm a Celebrity" starting tonight?

Saturday, 18 November 2017

"I like you - but only as a friend"

Today has been a mixture of activities - I am on the third load of washing, for example!  So this morning started with bed stripping and airing, before remaking the bed.  Then it was onto some gluing and sticking as I assembled the sewing box that I have been making (the tins of beans are to weigh everything down - it needs to be left for at least 24 hours.  After squeezing some sewing in, it was then round to Jean's to help her husband set up a new email address.

But the main entertainment of the day must surely have been my impromptu visit to Mum and Dad's to pick up a new toy!  I have come late to the party. I know, but a good deal on Amazon's "black Friday" persuaded me that "Alexa" was a "must have".  Mum and Dad had been considering it - loving the concept that' in an emergency, they could just say "Alexa" ring Lynda and I would be contacted.  Well, today I picked mine up and tried to set theirs up.  As everyone does, I am sure, there then followed a barrage of daft questions - with Dad adding please and thank you just to be polite. He then asked "Alexa give me a kiss" to which the reply was "I like you - but only as a friend" - bless!  I asked Alexa to play music from The Music Man - and ended up with Black Lace playing Music Man and Mum and Dad doing the actions - it was like armchair aerobics all over again -we laughed so much!  We have now worked out how to call each other (thanks to a trial run with Wendy) - but only machine to machine - not the mobile phone app - if anything happens whilst I am asleep upstairs / out and about I am not sure that this will work!  Still, we persevere!

Back home, and with the novelty of being able to say "Alexa play me Michael Ball" from the sewing room (my Alexa is in the hall) it was time to settle down and sew some more - this darned Christmas present!!  I just knew there was a reason that I have kept putting it off!  However, as the temperature dropped, its been nice to light the fire and settle down to a good evening's TV viewing - such bliss!  I've turned down an invite to Fish and chips from my brother - it's just been too hectic a week and its not good for the diet you know!

Oh and yes, I did sort out another couple of boxes and bags - found some things that I had "lost" and a couple of pairs of curtains that I had bought cheap in dunelm (just in case) a couple of years ago.  One pair could work out well for Mum's french windows whilst they are trying to sort our colour designs etc for the new kitchen / conservatory.  IT just goes to show the value of a "stash"!!

Friday, 17 November 2017

Another string to my bow

Last night, the WI went out for supper at our new favourite restaurant.  I have to say that I loved the starter (Sadly n picture - it went down too quickly!) of pork belly on black pudding - but the fillet steak was as wonder as usual.  However I was good and resisted the puddings - just had a coffee - but they did look good!

Today was my turn to  help the aged pop round to Mum and Dad's - in theory it was to start organising the garage which has been a dumping ground since they moved in.  However the task had changed into a shed demolition - just a ten minute job!! Oh yeah - with about a hundred people - maybe.  We only started to make a dent in the job when Dad came over with a crowbar (he had been painting The Lodge prior to fitting it up with electrics and heating).  Several hours later and we had the shed mainly demolished, sawn / hacked into car size pieces and one load transported to the tip.  We then loaded the dishwasher into the car ready to do a tip run tomorrow - and they will add more shed to the car in the morning (there are too many creepy crawlies running all over the wood to risk it being in the car over night - remember your experience TT&T?

In fact we worked so hard that we didn't sit down for lunch until gone 3pm - but Daisy is in training for perfect begging dog!

Back home and I just have time to write this blog and pop a jacket into the oven before settling down for the evening.  I don't know about you but the temperature is dropping here so keep warm everyone.  I picked up some ham knuckles today - it won't be long before we start on some serious soup making!

Thursday, 16 November 2017

A new literary challenge

Over a week ago, The Mail on Sunday published a story by Jeffrey Archer that consisted of exactly 100 words.  They then challenged you to write a story in exactly 100 words and submit it.  I am no writer, for sure, but the idea appealed to me so, this morning, I wrote one and submitted it.   As I said, I don't expect it to be one of the top 10 that will be published but I had a go!  My effort is at the end of this blog - you have been warned!

Today was a "stay at home" day ahead of the WI supper club tonight - so it was one of "catching up".  First up was the usual housework and hoover round to square up - closely followed by finishing this mini  sew together bag for a Christmas present (The last step had been hanging around for nearly two weeks - yet only took 30 minutes or so!)

Then it was onto making a start on a present that has been on my "to do list" literally every week since September- well, nothing like working to a deadline is there?

Whilst I was in the Christmas mood, I wrapped 10 advent presents for Wendy - we buy each other small things through the year and then swap them in time for our advent calendars!

It was also day 3 of my attic clear up - so a third ( and fourth!) box was sorted and dispatched!

I even managed to make some soup from my raffle prize of prepared veg - with some "smash and cottage cheese" scones to go with them - should last me a few days!  That was just before ringing the Breast Screening team to rearrange my appointment - and to tell them of a "mis-spelt" address at the top of their letter!

So, all in all, not too shabby a day!  I am gradually ticking things off my list for Christmas - but, as soon as one gets crossed off, another "good idea" pops up!!!  You should see some embroidery patterns that came through today - lush!!

And my story effort - well, be kind!  Here it is:-

The look, the smile, that’s all it took across the crowded room.  Once it had been their secret, a message between lovers.  Now she stood back and observed - her affair was over – he had moved on.

Head held high, she left the party.  He noticed, eventually.  Mentally, he had already moved on, physically there were possessions to retrieve.  As he went outside, his car had gone.  “To be expected” he thought.  Hailing a cab, the drive home was swift.  As he entered the house, the silence was deafening.  The body – incriminating.  He agreed -  the affair was finally over

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Painting in the dark!

Last week, in Norfolk, I treated myself to an egg coddler.  I must confess that I had been given one years ago and never tried it out.  Now that I am following SW and can eat eggs freely, I wanted to try another version.  This morning I tried it out for the first time, with some added smoked salmon in before cooking - and loved it!  I certainly will try that one again!

The plan for today was to go over to Mum and Dad's before heading over to Brigg garden centre to meet up with my brother, Phil, and his wife, Chris.  When I got to Mum's I couldn't help but notice that the painting of the lodge had advanced somewhat - the look on Mum's face said it all.  Apparently Dad has been out painting up to 7pm - with Mum having to "dance" around on the patio to activate the sensor lights so that he can see!!!! 

The garden centre was fully geared up for Christmas.  For a mere £350 you can buy an awful looking plastic olive tree complete with flickering lights,

or for free, you can enjoy watching and listening to the "coolest" band in town playing you Christmas music!

Upstairs the Christmas decoration floor had expanded and had this huge "train" in place - Polar Express maybe?  I liked that it was coming out of a book.

It was Chris' birthday today and so I was able to give her the finger puppets she asked me to make.

After a mooch around the shop, plus the inevitable purchasing of several "bits n bobs", we were then able to have a good catch up over lunch (I took a SW Caesar Salad and hoped that no one would object!)

Back home, and after a dog walk, it was then back upstairs to sort out box number 2 from the loft -my old school books which are now in a safe place rather than being left to the mercy of a cold attic.  Tonight I am actually in all evening - what bliss!  More handsewing then eh?